Blue Knights England II LE MC

Ride with pride.


England II are always looking for new quality members who want to share our friendship, family and respect.

We are a family club where partners and children are more than welcome and if they can ride, even better!!

England 2 are only looking for members who want to get involved and attend rides and events, if your looking for a sticker only, then England 2 is not for you, a reasonable level of commitment is expected from prospective members, although we do not endorse the prospecting style of recruitment. If you're right for us and we are right for you then it's pretty much a done deal. Join the family!

As they say you only get out what you put it!


According to the By-Laws, our purposes and goals are to:

1. Provide for the mutual assistance, enjoyment, entertainment, education, physical, mental and social benefit of its members and the general public.

2. To promote and advance the sport of motorcycling and motorcycling safety.

3. To serve the interests of motorcycle owners and users.

4. To promote by example and any other acceptable means, safe use, operation and enjoyment of motorcycles.

5. To develop a fraternal spirit between law enforcement personnel and the general public.

How do you qualify for membership?

Briefly, to qualify for membership you must:

1. Be member of a Police Service with statutory power of arrest, or from one of the following disciplines; prison service, Customs and Excise or Service Police.

2. Be employed by a governmental agency and receive monetary compensation, or be a retired or disabled law enforcement officer.

3. Posses a valid licence to operate a motorcycle.

4. Own a motorcycle or plan to purchase one within six months.

Does it matter what motorcycle you ride?

In a word - NO! All types of bikes from tourers to race replicas. Harleys to Hondas.

Further information contact Neil Baker, President.






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